How we use digital assets

July 30, 2021

A new form of digital money (called stablecoins) is changing the way people think about finance.

Stablecoins aim to track government issued currency such as USD. They can be used like cash in the thriving ecosystem of the digital world.

Generating interest

1 - user creates an account
2 - complete identity verification
3 - add money via bank transfer or PayID
4 - deposit converted to stablecoin (USDC)
5 - we lend your balance to over-collateralised institutional borrowers*
6 - watch your returns grow in real-time

*over-collateralised: borrower locks up funds in escrow greater than the loan amount

Your balance is available to access anytime in the app.

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Bring the walls down

In an environment of rampant inflation and low interest rates, people are increasingly turning towards digital assets to help put their money to work.

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