How we use digital assets

July 30, 2021
Dean Batcheldor

The last 10 years have seen huge shifts in finance. Digital assets have been rapidly adopted among individuals and now even traditional financial institutions started integrating them.

An ecosystem of innovation has developed around the technology: Decentralised Finance (DeFi). The term is used to describe apps in the digital asset and blockchain space aimed at disrupting traditional finance.

Regular services such as savings, investing and insurance now have DeFi equivalents. The building block nature of the underlying technology also allows for the creation of new financial products.

How we generate a better return

Transfer directly from your bank account into interest generating DeFi products, removing all the complexity normally involved in the process.

Your balance is available to access anytime in the tiiik app, topping up is free while withdrawals cost 0.5% of the amount withdrawn.

Bring the walls down

We believe over the next decade people will begin to see DeFi products as an alternative for those who want something a little more rewarding for their money.

Learn more about tiiik and the risks involved.

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