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Introducing tiiik

July 30, 2021
Dean Batcheldor

tiiik is a digital wallet designed for the modern day. Save, spend and earn on the same balance.

We are cutting out inefficiencies of the traditional financial system, enabling us to pass on better investment returns.

Our mission is to simplify access to a fair, open and inclusive financial system.

Let’s break things down a little more

The old financial system isn’t working anymore: banks are incentivised to profit at the expense of clients. The problems are so deeply rooted that they are impossible to fix without completely changing the underlying infrastructure.

You can read more about how banks make money.

tiiik is not restricted to the legacy system, we use digital assets to generate returns.

“So how does tiiik make money?”

We make money by taking part of the (variable) yield available: passing the bulk of the return onto you. We are in this for the long haul so your money can see the return it deserves.

“Are you covered by the Australian Bank Government Guarantee?”

We are not a bank so your tiiik balance is not covered by the Australian Bank Government Guarantee (this is the whole point of a new financial system). When you hold money in tiiik you trade away the guarantee for the possibility of better returns.

Interested in more?

You made it this far so you probably have a few more questions. We recommend reading how we use digital assets to learn more.

If you’d rather jump straight in to see tiiik for yourself – join our waitlist below.