Understanding tiiik

A one stop wallet enabling you to save, spend, and earn in the digital world.

The traditional financial system is broken

Central banks around the world are causing severe inflation by adding new money into circulation.

Money has stopped working for you

When combined with low interest rates it's easy to see how the everyday person is struggling to keep ahead of their finances.

How do we fix it?

Our underlying infrastructure is built in the digital world, removing the inefficiencies of the old financial system. After you add money, it's converted into digital dollars and lent out to institutional borrowers. Those borrowers pay interest on the loan and we pass the earnings back to you.

How is this not too good to be true?

We are simplifying access to digital money that, until now, has been out of reach for the non tech-savvy.

Curious how we generate returns? If we're insured? How do we make money and is it sustainable?


Designed for safety
The digital dollars in your account are secured with Fireblocks: an ISO and SOC2 certified digital asset custodian.
Compliant at our core
Our operations are designed to ensure we meet the highest bar of investor protection.
Institution-level security
Accounts are protected through robust end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication and 24/7 monitoring.

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